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Know your competitors' properties better than they do.

The ultimate instruction generation tool for modern estate agents.


The Most Advanced Prospecting System Ever Built

Spectre represents a new era in marketing technology for estate agents.

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The Spectre Process

Step 1

Once you have selected your postcode sectors you wish to target, Spectre will start processing data on all properties currently on the market. We ascertain all details possible regarding each property including the full address.

Step 2

All properties in your area are then constantly monitored and any activity is logged. Our algorithms then identify key moments at which the vendor is most likely to consider switching agents and notifies you.

Step 3

At the trigger points identified in step 2, Spectre automatically generates individual letters, specifically tailored to each vendor's situation for you to print and send. Vendor reduced and not sold? There's a letter for it. Out of sole agency? Withdrawn? Sale fallen through? Contact your prospects at just the right time, every time!

Stay Up to Date

We are crunching data 24/7 so your market information gets updated around the clock. This means you will react to opportunities before your competitors even know they exist.

Accurate Data

We know that if your reputation depends on our data, it better be good! That's why all our data is triple-checked to ensure your data is 99.95% accurate.


Produce marketing material to hundreds of vendors at the touch of a button, each with tailored content pertinent to their individual situation.

Measurable Success

We'll alert you when you have successfully taken on a property through Spectre allowing you to calculate an accurate return on your investment.

See the full power of Spectre

Spectre has helped over 1000 agents gain instructions worth over £2,000,000,000 in the last 12 months alone. The best way to understand how is to see Spectre in action.

We have dedicated teams on standby to book your demo and take you through how the platform works and how it can revolutionise your marketing. Fill in the form below and we will be in touch to arrange a suitable time with you.

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Effortlessly keep in touch with vendors

Generate customised letters to properties on the market in your area in seconds using fully editable triggers and templates.

"We have been using Spectre since the beginning of the year and it’s added a further dimension to our marketing mix, which (crucially!) is delivering fantastic results. Never before have we been able to track fully the ROI for our canvassing activity. Spectre is now an integral part of our business generation strategy."

James Beardmore - Managing Director, Butters John Bee

Inform nearby vendors currently on the market when you sell a property.

Nothing promotes you as a company better than doing what you do best, selling houses. So when you do, Spectre allows you to contact nearby vendors who chose a different (inferior) agent.

Contact the Neighbours

Spectre automates the "standard" sold in your area process by retrieving addresses in the immediate vicinity of your sold property.

Contact Frustrated Vendors

Precisely target frustrated vendors with the most powerful message there is; We've sold another one!


Print in-house or leave it to us

Save both time and money by leaving the printing, envelope stuffing and postage to us. Or, if you're the type to hand-sign or hand-deliver, you'll always have that option too.

Letterhead-quality paper

When portraying your brand to a potential client, every detail counts. That's why all Spectre letters you entrust to us will go out on full 120gsm paper, printed on a high quality digital press.

Print & Post from just 40p

High quality doesn't always mean high cost! Our industry leading print and post prices start at 16p less than a second class stamp.

No Barcodes, No Mail Sort text

Nothing ruins a personally crafted letter like barcodes, betraying it as a piece of mass marketing. Our letters contain neither, ensuring a personal and authentic feel, just like you printed it yourself!

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Agents all over the country are using Spectre

  • In a 2 month test Spectre generated 12 market appraisals, 10 of which instructed us to sell their property.

    John Nutter
    Briscombe, Nutter & Staff
  • Spectre is a very powerful tool which we have used to generate a steady stream of instructions directly from our competitors. It is easy to maintain, flexible and we are able to monitor its use and success by individual branch.

    Richard Powell
    Managing Director, Ryder & Dutton
  • We have been using Spectre for just over four months now and can honestly say it is one of the best investments we have made. We see regular instructions off the back of our Spectre letters, it is extremely quick and easy to use and any help needed is responded to almost instantly. Would most definitely recommend.

    Vanessa Heathcote
    Miller Metcalfe
  • We have been using Spectre since the beginning of the year and it’s added a further dimension to our marketing mix, which (crucially!) is delivering fantastic results. Never before have we been able to track fully the ROI for our canvassing activity. Spectre is now an integral part of our business generation strategy.

    James Beardmore
    Managing Director, Butters John Bee
  • We are seeing a response rate of over 10% from some of our generated letters. We have customised the standard letter templates to match our brand's style and the results have been extremely positive.

    Jane Day
    Briscombe Nutter & Staff
  • Since launching with Spectre in May 2016, we have experienced a fantastic level of success with approximately 12 instructions being taken on to the market by our team as a direct result of the systems data. With an ROI of 2659% in this 5-month period, I think it is safe to say that Spectre has revolutionised our prospecting process. The user interface offers a simple way of acting on this valuable data and enables the sales teams to incorporate the letter sends into their daily admin with confidence. I would not hesitate in recommending this product to colleagues in the industry.

    Peter Lawrence
    Managing Director, Lawrence Rand

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